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ABJDs= Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

Name: Mimi Midori
Company: Volks
Type: Super Dollfie 13
Birth: November,2005 Tenshi No Sumika Opening
Personality: Mimi is a sweet girl.Quiet and unassuming she waits for her second husband. At first she thought Mardigan (See profile below) was her husband but he quickly fell in love with Michi.Mimi was sad but quietly accepted this.She knew that he had been promised to her but did not want to force the issue of love. She met an Isao and is promised to him but now to complicate things Mardigans twin Shiwoo has stated an interest in Mimi and fights for domainance over the shared body that he and Mardigan use. Who will win the body and the heart?Mardigan or Shiwoo?Mimi waits patiently for Isao.

Name: Michi
Company: Volks
Type: Super Dollfie 10 Ryo
Birth: Janurary,2006 ,Japan
Personality: Michi likes to pretend to be a bad girl but she is really not. When it comes down to it she is pretty mellow even though she can have a biting wit . Even though her and Mimi are opposite she still loves Mimi .She is fine however with Mad Mardigan feelings towards her but really doesnt take him seriously. She refuses to adress the fact that Mardigan and Mimi were to be engaged upon his arrival.

Photo courtesy of Sour Dotz

Name: "Mad" Mardigan
Company: Luts-CP
Type: Vampire Shiwoo Dreaming
Birth: Janurary,2007 Korea
Personality: Willful. Mardigan is highly intelligent and can be downright ruthless.He promptly rejected Mimi as a bride and chose instead Michi who he deemed a kindred spirit.He is not afraid of anything and likes to take chances and risks but all are calculated.He is often quiet but can suddenlyburst out with long dissertations that at the time ,only he knows the meaning of.He is not yet married to Michi.Mardigan is threatened by the new male in the house, Isao.

Name: Isao Nanjou
Company: Volks
Type: Super Dollfie 13 Long leg Isao Nanjou Dolpa version
Birth: October ,2007 ,Japan
Personality: Isao has long awaited his comming to meet Mimi. He is afraid that is appearance will startle her because he has undergone some drastic changes. Namely he is not entirely human. He and Mimi have not formally been introduced as of yet because they are both anxious ovre the meeting.Isao is quiet and thoughtful but full of a mysterious power. Isao does not see Mardigan as a threat for Mimi's affections because he know they will love naturally and not forced.

Name: Ulah
Company: Volks
Type: Super Dollfie 10 Volks Rose Dolpa version
Birth: October ,2008 ,Japan
Personality: Ulah is the new girl and is already love by all her flat mates heh. She never talks and was brought home one day by Michi after being found on the street being harrassed by some men( They were beaten up by Michi). Nothing is known about Ulah until the day her older brother Etrigan Lowood (Shirou )shows up looking for her.


Name: Lilly
Company: Elf Doll
Type: Cherry Blossom Alice . Alice in Wonderland version comes with winking head
Birth: November,2008 ,Korea
Personality: I have never really cared for super small dolls or animal type dolls however she is so cute and easy to take photos with. She is cheerful and bright. She came in a time of great illness to take away ones pain.

Name: ????
Company: Elf Doll
Type: SOAH
Birth: July,2010 ,Korea
Soah is quiet and mature. She seems to be the house mother of this disorderly bunch. She offers calm advice to those needing it.

Name: ????
Company: Volks Dollfie Dream
Type: Dollfie dream white skin
Birth: Sep,2010 ,Japan

Name: Etrigan Lowood
Company: Volks
Type: Shirou Tachibana SD13
Birth: Feb 2011,Japan
Personality: Shirou is Ulahs older brother who came looking for her after she ran away from their privilaged family. He is on orders from his father to watch over his younger sister till she is 'well' enough to come back to the family manse. He is generous and bright and has gotten along nicely with everyone but has secretly fallen in love with Mimi who is still waiting for Isao to return.

Name: ???
Company: Volks and Little Monica
Type: SD10
Birth: Feb 2011, Japan
Personality: Photos are Little Monica company.This girl is complete but she is a hybrid which I feel strange about. She is on a Volks body but has a different face up. I love the company photos of her and her face up that she received by the talented SourDotz is beautiful but I might need to change her body or her face again.

Name: ???
Company: Volks
Type: Four Sisters "Sara" SD10
Birth: July 2011, Japan
Personality:????? She is a sweet girl and I am really glad I was able to find her. It seems like I always end up wanting dolls after they stop being made. Sara is the "Four sisters" F-01 head mold with original body.I'm still working on her personality .

Name: Kitty
Company: Pippos
Type: Kitty
Birth: june 20012, Korea
Personality:I first held a Pippos Baha at my CCBJD convention and it was just so darling. I liked the weight of it and how it looked. I am not to much for anthros but I seem to be turning my eye more towards them.I bought this doll because I was going to make her a girl cat but she ended up always looking like a boy no matter what face up I gave her. So I think this kitty was meant to be a boy. I also love the way Corni the Florist looks from Luts but I cant find her anywhere. She would be my last doll.

Name: Annastasia
Company: Volks
Type: Full Choice F-14 SD10
Birth: Feb 2013, Japan
Personality:She is Lilly's * nanny and has come to watch over the mischeivous little pig. Temperate and modest she was the first Volks doll I ever fell in love with.

Name: Link
Company: Volks
Type: Sd13 Boy
Birth: Feb 2006, Japan
Personality:No pic yet he is getting a faceup.I originally bought Link so I could mod his head but I find myself getting sentimental about it. I hate odd numbers and this boy rounds out my boy numbers to an even 4.

Name: Kurumi
Company: Volks
Type: Full Set H.Naoto SD10
Birth: Feb 2006, Japan
Personality:I love this girl she is so sweet looking! I never thought that I would be able to get her but she was a present from my husband.

Name: Mimi
Company: Volks
Type: F-13 SD10 OLD school
Birth: March 2013, Japan
Personality:Picture coming soon!My first doll was a SD13 Mimi and my seemingly last doll is a SD Mimi. I had her before but I sold her and regretted it shortly after. I was on a quest to find her again and I did. She was the F-13 head then F-13 got changed to Nono head and then Mimi became F-09. Confused yet?This girl is mint with no head plate and has the large ball joints. I was so happy to get her. She has her original face up but I do know that I am going to get her another face up that is more up to date.

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