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A lot of people who get in to hobby are quickly amazed at how many different creative outlets spring from just buying one of these dolls. Why do these dolls in particular capture the imagination more then other types? It might be because of their versatility. The ability to change their eyes, hair and makeup and sometimes body parts. I have seen people begin sculpting, wig making, face painting and sewing just to name a few creative things people do because of these dolls. To me its amazing and delightful. I myself have tried my hand at face ups, wig making, sculpting and sewing. These pages are just another outlet : The ABJD Photostory. We love taking pictures of our dolls So naturally their little dolly personalites seem to shine forth in the pictures and as a natural progression their own stories begin to emerge. My story starts in 2004 when I fell in love with these dolls but my dolls stories donít start till 2005 when I got my first one.

Feel free to read the stories ,look over my photos which I never claimed to be good ! They are mostly campy and silly and HIGH DRAMA. If you get bored with that you can always look at the sewing creations I have made or check out my writing site. I write books for Young Adults and Children. Most importantly have fun..

Recent Updates

June 29th, 2012---A new chapter of "Love Saga" is uploaded.

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